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A curated list of videos, articles, books and other scraps that I’ve found particularly insightful. I’ve provided a brief snippet describing the thing.

  • 18.06 - First year linear algebra at MIT taught by Gilbert Strang. Explains the “why” of linear algebra well and provides intuitive explanations so that you feel like you could’ve invented it.
  • Essence of Linear Algebra YouTube Series - Explains linear algebra from a geometric/visual perspective using animations.
  • The Last Lecture - Professor at Carnegie Mellon discovers he has pancreatic cancer and only 3-6 months to live. A cheerful ‘last lecture’ where he reflects on his life.
  • What is the class of this image? - A list of the current state of the art algorithms and their results on standard datasets.
  • A Guide to Effective Computing - Interactive computing workflow using ipython, tmux and slimux.
  • You and Your Research - Career advice from Richard Hamming. Last lecture of a capstone course he was teaching called “The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn”.
  • Requests: HTTP for Humans - It’s a useful python library and all but the documentation is just so well done.