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Last updated: 11:05 PM - Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Hi, I’m Elton and this will be a blog about (mostly) deep learning. Stuff here will incline more toward the technical/academic audience; novel architecture analysis, paper summaries, implementations, tool how-to’s, that kind of crap. I may also post the occasional speculative baloney on future trends. Posts will come out once a month. Or maybe not.

By the way, if anything I wrote pleased you enough to consider dropping a thanks or whatever, I can be reached here.

My Work


eltonlaw / impyute

A python package to deal with missing values, provides implementations of popular imputation algorithms for both time series and cross sectional data, visualizations(WIP) and diagnostics.

Machine Learning Models

eltonlaw / ml_algorithms

Straight implementations of papers/popular machine learning models in TensorFlow and NumPy

‘Million Song Datset’ Visualization

eltonlaw / msd_data_exploration

Exploratory data analysis of the million songs dataset, visualized


eltonlaw / fast-tf

Workflow template for fast model architecture experimentation with TensorFlow.

Open Source Contributions

socraticorg / mathsteps

  • #76 - Better break-up fraction (Open)

pallets / flask

  • #76 - Better break-up fraction (Closed)